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I’m going to format this all pretty later on.

Tonight we got characters hammered out and decided on basic threats for the first season:

  • Infestation of Monsters
  • Doomsday Clock is Ticking

Next I need to work out places and faces, then get a story sketched together for next Sunday.

Getting Ready 2
Adversaries decided on

No game per se, this week. Still doing collaborative world building, which is a good thing. Discussed who or what our main bad guys should be. We went with mythical creatures and the fair folk, which is a nice departure from vampires, zombies and demons, and something I can work with. Not that there won’t be vampires, zombies or demons.

Did some work outside of game time on various bad guys.

To do for this week, put character sheets up on the website, work on the wiki, and write the 1st Session plot notes.

Sadly no game yesterday.
Prep is hard!

Wound up having to fill in at work for a couple people who were sick. So no game. On the upside, i made enough money to replace the second monitor that has broken down on me. I am so spoiled, as not having both monitors feels like a disaster. “How will I get any work done?” Intellectually I realize there are starving children in Africa who don’t even have one monitor, let alone two.

Reference the forums for some discussion on where we should locate the game. I think I agree we’ll wander, but NY is looking good as a ‘home base.’ Discussion is still under way, but I agree, NYC is someplace where anything could reasonably exist.

Also some forum thoughts on heterochromia. And I consider Eyes as a thematic element. From there vision, mirrors, and now I have to go dig up old Ken Hite articles.


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