Grimm Incorporated

Sadly no game yesterday.

Prep is hard!

Wound up having to fill in at work for a couple people who were sick. So no game. On the upside, i made enough money to replace the second monitor that has broken down on me. I am so spoiled, as not having both monitors feels like a disaster. “How will I get any work done?” Intellectually I realize there are starving children in Africa who don’t even have one monitor, let alone two.

Reference the forums for some discussion on where we should locate the game. I think I agree we’ll wander, but NY is looking good as a ‘home base.’ Discussion is still under way, but I agree, NYC is someplace where anything could reasonably exist.

Also some forum thoughts on heterochromia. And I consider Eyes as a thematic element. From there vision, mirrors, and now I have to go dig up old Ken Hite articles.


CmdrPulsar CmdrPulsar

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